The Stage restaurant is a refined and innovative place where the magic of cinema emerges and invites its guests to take a look behind the scenes, immersing themselves in the magic of the creative process of a Hollywood movie.

The Location

A New Concept Store

The new and unique concept was devised by the Roman and Williams Buildings and Interiors Design studio founded in 2002 by Robin Standefer and her husband Stephen Alesch in New York. It is renowned for the creativity of its projects and its ability to juxtapose aesthetic contrasts for a strong impact, such as urban and baroque elements, or refined and exotic tastes.
Following a full immersion in the brand’s history, into its values and the demanding manufacturing process of denim, the architect duo designed The Stage. It is the result of a strong connection between the world of jeans and the concept of rebellion: a real stage upon which the consumer plays out their own, personal act.
The entire project revolves around concepts of cinema and theater. The interior of the Replay Store has been conceived as a stage without fixed structures: as in the plot of a movie, the scenography changes and the consumer becomes the protagonist, actively interacting with the product.
In line with Replay’s positioning and objectives, Roman and Williams have created a refined and innovative space where guests will be immersed in the product and, at the same time, in the magic of cinema and the creative process. The consumer will become the protagonist of the brand’s lifestyle while being engaged in a fun and exciting multisensory experience. Visitors will be able to listen to their own playlists, watch various kinds of artistic performances, explore art exhibitions, and entertain themselves in the fine food and beverage corner.